the orchestra


How would you describe him?

Cold. Calculating. Well-intentioned.

How do I figure out who you mean with that guidance? What’s his name?

Actually no, he’s not calculating, I suppose you could replace that word with apathetic.

A name? Please?

Nolan. Killer jawline, friendly manner, very normal.

Might need more than that you know.

Can’t be very accurate, haven’t seen him for about two years.

You talk like you’re lovers, like you know him, like you saw him yesterday.

We are, I do, I did. But then at the same time… We aren’t, I don’t and I didn’t.

I see. “It’s complicated.”

No, that’s cliché. It’s not so ordinary. I think the phrase is: “it fluctuates.” But he always conducts the orchestra.


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