dear adults,


I suppose I’m one of you, but I’m not sure I’ve made that transition yet.
I’m new to your club, and I have a few questions about membership…
How do I upgrade mine?

I want your advantages: political influence, economic self-sufficiency, to be taken seriously and listened to by people who matter, in a way that is real.
Is there a handbook I can borrow? Can I borrow anything these days? A house, a business idea, an education, my health?

How do I get hold of VIP all-access passes for my friends and I? How do I get into the restricted areas I yearn for? Education, housing, economics, business, international relations.

Taxes and paying attention to the rest of you, those are my membership payments. I feel I have little to show for my contributions.
Do you feel the same way? Is that the big secret that only members know?


Alma (class of 2016)


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