old news

I wake to The News,
a little notification.
The King of Evil is dead.
Long live the King.
I read about you in the papers.
I read about you in a poem.
I think how you should
have led a different life,
You: the Devil and his wife.

the sentinel of our saviour

On the ledge he sits

from his pedestal he observes,
wise, yet no more grand
than the other spires.

delicious disgust

Doesn’t like to be understood.
Me, or him? Both?
I like the idea.
Of being understood, or understanding him? Both?
Knew from the start. Always
trust your instinct.

the fortress

The courtesy flag flutters in the wind.
Unchartered waters, indeed.
Fair is foul, but foul is less fair
than predicted.

dear adults,

I suppose I’m one of you, but I’m not sure I’ve made that transition yet.
I’m new to your club, and I have a few questions about membership… 
How do I upgrade mine?

former glory

The first time I spelled millenium. The tattered dirty rooftops of Stonetown. The slight curls of Mormor’s bob. The barreness of winter branches. The bottomless nocturnal conversations.

how the other half lives

Not the other half;
the one percent?
I must be in
the other half, the top 50?
But am I in the
one percent?

the orchestra

How would you describe him?

Cold. Calculating. Well-intentioned.

taunts my curves

A slither of milk taunts the curves of the teaspoon. It caresses the steel contours of the utensil, yet billows away at the slightest movement. Like a ballerina it extends dainty digits towards the ceramic dam encircling it.


  He’s gone, forever. Am I upset? Relieved? Empathetic? It’s not real unless I see a body or a funeral, or is it? I don’t know.   Everyone knows they are upset, coping, not coping, freed. She is free, liberated. Free to escape all shackles but her own.   What did he do? To others?…

it’s kind of a long story

I want to talk about identity. And nationalism. Did I mean patriotism? It’s interesting that identity is such a deeply personal concept, and yet so widely significant and discussed.

Growing up with a Danish mother and an English father, I moved between those countries and then gained what I perceive as a third nationality when I got to Paris. In the light of recent geopolitical events, I have realised the potency of my European identity. Finally, just to make the melange more quirky, the past few years have revealed to me a deep affinity with “Africa”, as far as an African concept or diaspora can be defined. So how are these elements of my identity interacting, are they in a hierarchy, and how do I explain this to the unsuspecting questioner?

a liberal oakhamian

I’m a liberal, leftist Dane who also spent four formative, tough and valuable years at an English public school. I was pushed academically and I benefitted from fantastic facilities, teachers and opportunities. It’s a mixed bag. I met people with views I found unpleasant and others I appreciate greatly. How do I reconcile my fundamental beliefs with the reality of my privileged upper class education?